Questions About Your Will

1. What if I need extra copies of my Will?

When you have downloaded your Will, you can print it out as many times as you want to give to family and friends. There is no charge for extra copies unlike many other/similar services.

2. Do I need to use a solicitor to make a Will?

No. It’s a common misconception that you must use a solicitor to make a Will. However our system was designed by a solicitor to allow you to create a fully legal Will, quickly and easily.

3. When does my Will become legally valid?

When you have printed out your Will you need to get it signed, dated and witnessed by two people who are not beneficiaries in your Will. This process is known as ‘Attestation’. Once you have done this, your Will should be legal.

For your will to be legally valid, you must:

– be 18 or over
– make it voluntarily
– be of sound mind
– make it in writing
– sign it in the presence of 2 witnesses who are both over 18
– have it signed by your 2 witnesses, in your presence
– If you make any changes to your will you must follow the same signing and witnessing process.


4. Who can be a witness to my Will signing?

The witnesses must:

  • be over 18 years of age
  • not be or married to, or related to any beneficiaries in your Will
  • must not be blind (so they can see you sign your Will)

A next door neighbour is an example of someone that might make a suitable witness for your Will.

5. What about my old Will?

Your new Will automatically revokes your old Will.

6. Are there any extra charges?

No. The price you see is the price you pay for your Will, with no hidden fees or charges.

7. Are Online Wills Legal?

Yes of course! As long as you follow the steps in section 3 above.

A Will is a legal document that states what you would like to happen with your money, belongings and other assets in the event of your death.

Your Will names your beneficiaries and who you would like to administer your estate after your death (your executor).

You must be over 18 and your will must be witnessed by two people.

As long as these processes are satisfied your online Will is legal and valid.

An online Will service like ours will clearly and simply guide you through this planning process so that the end result is legal and binding. Your online Will shall include clauses relevant for the administration of your assets you own at the time of your death.

An easy to draft, simple online Will form will satisfy the circumstances of most people and is a perfectly legal way to draft a binding Will and Testament.

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