The legal process by which a the estate of a deceased is collected in order to be distributed according to the Will to the beneficiaries of the estate. In common parlance this refers ... Continue Reading →


Any gift or benefit of Will. If the gift it in the form of money it is labelled a Pecuniary Legacy, while items such as possessions or intellectual property are a Specific Legacy. A ... Continue Reading →

Intestate (or Intestacy)

The situation where a person has passed away without a Will. The term only applies where the person has an estate upon their death, meaning that they have greater assets than debts. ... Continue Reading →

Inheritance Tax

A tax of 40% of your estate if the total value of your estate, and gifts made in the previous seven years, exceed a set threshold. The 2013-14 threshold is set at £325,000. Charitable ... Continue Reading →


If you pass away prior to your children’s eighteenth birthday, the person who will be legally responsible for them. In normal circumstances if the children’s other parent ... Continue Reading →