Holographic Will

A Will which has been handwritten by the testator without the presence of witnesses. In Scotland holographic wills are valid but are not considered self-evidencing, hence evidence ... Continue Reading →

A Will

The legally valid document written by a testator which specifies the distribution of legacies and gifts from their estate to beneficiaries upon their death. The document can also make ... Continue Reading →


An arrangement whereby some or all of the assets of an estate are held by a trustee or multiple trustees for the benefit of the trust beneficiaries. This is a common arrangement in ... Continue Reading →


The person who makes a Last Will and Testament for themselves which is legally valid and used upon their death. A female testator is sometimes known as a testatrix, although this isn’t ... Continue Reading →


Refers to what is left after the execution of a Will, include the payment of all debts, distribution of all legacies to beneficiaries and the payment of the executor’s fee. A ... Continue Reading →