If you pass away prior to your children’s eighteenth birthday, the person who will be legally responsible for them. In normal circumstances if the children’s other parent ... Continue Reading →

Funeral arrangements

Instructions made in your Will on how you wish your funeral, burial and related memorials will be conducted. These often include specifying a specific location for your funeral, instruction ... Continue Reading →


The person or persons appointed by the Will to settle your affairs and dispose of assets as set out in your Will. You need to specify at least one executor, although it’s possible ... Continue Reading →


The net worth of an individual at the time of their death. This is calculated by taking their total assets then removing any outstanding liabilities. For instance if a person owns a ... Continue Reading →


A person or legal entity (such as a charity or company) that receives benefits, which may include money and property, from the Will. A Will may specify continent beneficiaries who will ... Continue Reading →


Anyone under the age of eighteen is legally a minor in England. The age at which a minor becomes an adult is called the age of majority. This differs from the age of criminal responsibility ... Continue Reading →

A gift in a Will

the term used for any item or money that is distributed by the Will. See ‘Legacy’ for details. Continue Reading →


If a person dies without a Will (also called intestate), then the law states that an administrator will be appointed to settle the affairs of the deceased and to distribute their estate ... Continue Reading →

Peace Of Mind For Your Family & Friends

Making a Will is one of those things we all know we should do at some point in our lives – but it’s so easy to put off until another day. takes the stress ... Continue Reading →

Welcome to

Welcome to, a UK based Will Writing Service, where you can make a fully legal Will online in 3 easy Steps: You complete our easy to follow online form Make payment Download ... Continue Reading →