DIY Wills

Find out how you could save hundreds on solicitor Will fees. Continue Reading →

How to write a Will

This is a question often asked and to be honest there are more ways out there to write your last Will and testament the wrong way that the right way! Why is this you ask? Its simple ... Continue Reading →

How Your Debts Are Paid

One of the duties of the person administering an estate is to pay the debts of the deceased. Before an estate is distributed, the legitimate debts must be ascertained and paid. An exception could ... Continue Reading →

Cost & Value Analysis Of Online Wills

Whenever you shop for a product or service, you are faced with various levels of quality and price. In deciding what product or service to buy, you make a cost/value analysis on the ... Continue Reading →

Why do you need a Will?

It’s Peace of mind for you, your family and your friends. Many people don’t know that if you don’t write a Will the Government writes one on your behalf? Thousands ... Continue Reading →

Are Online Wills Legal?

Yes! The truth is the business of making a legal Will on your own can be quite straightforward – obviously your average solicitor charging £££+ per hour won’t want to ... Continue Reading →

Will Writing NOT To Be Regulated

Over the last few years the LSB (Legal Services Board) have tried to recommend that the process of Will Writing should be a reserved activity. This would mean making a Will is something ... Continue Reading →